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The Ultimate Shabbos Experience



Have you ever thought about joining a gym?


Take a moment to reflect on the benefits of doing so and you will begin to understand why you should consider joining us on Saturday mornings for “Gym for Your Soul”.


1. Sense of structure - the simple act of going to the gym automatically motivates you.


2. Experts - If you are not a fitness professional, you need to take advantage of the bank of knowledge that the trainers at the gym have to offer.


3. Community - Go to a gym often enough and you will come across the same people who regularly exercise at the same time as you. You might not have the same specific exercise goals, but you are there for the same purpose. People are there to get exercise. This is really helpful in getting you to focus.


4. Equipment - With a home gym, you will need to purchase and maintain it on your own. Plus, your existing equipment may go unused, collecting dust in the garage. A gym on the other hand, generally tries to make sure it has the latest equipment, and that it is properly maintained.


5. Classes - The different classes being offered at a gym, like yoga, spinning, circuit training, etc. help provide variety in your workouts, and explore different ways to exercise and improve aspects of your fitness. A class is an excellent opportunity to explore avenues to effective exercise. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite workout!


Join our “Gym for the soul” and begin to experience a new sense of self, commitment, family, friendships and spiritual fulfillment.

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