As most of you know, the Rabbi and his family have been living with his in-laws in University City these past two years to save money, so that they could help with the mortgage payments of the synagogue. It is time for us to help repay that dedication. They need their own home.

Plans have been drawn up to convert part of the unused upstairs space in our building into a home for the Rabbi and his family. To be able to use our building like this is an incredible opportunity for our community. Even a small house, a tear down, in this area starts at $1,000,000.

Initially, we had designed 3 additional 1 bedroom, 1 bath rooms which we were going to rent out for Shabbat and holidays to generate more income. That part of our plan has changed. In the world we live in, security concerns are of paramount significance. We received a federal grant to help address these and we put the money to good use. You can see the fencing, walls, and gates outside, and the monitors and cameras which constantly survey our grounds.

After much consideration of these security issues, it was decided that renting out units to people we didn't know every week didn't mix with having the Rabbi and his family living here, or with our preschool. Even if we couldn’t replace the rental income, the security concerns just can’t be dismissed. The income, however, can be replaced by having just an additional 5 students in our preschool. The cost of this revised project is estimated at $350,000. This includes a small cushion since it is a remodel and there can always be a surprise. We have already raised $272,000.

We have every intention of completing this project by September 1st so we must start ASAP. One of our congregants has offered us an interest free loan to cover any existing shortfall so we can begin construction right away. This loan, however, needs to be repaid, so our fundraising efforts will continue until we reach $350,000. We are asking for donations of at least $1,000, but please give more if you are able, so that we can be sure to
meet our target.

Sharing more good news, we are also planning to start our preschool this fall!!

Go online to chabadpb.org/donate , or just tell the Rabbi or me.
Once again, your donations will be memorialized on a donor board at project completion
Ray Poliakoff- Project Coordinator- 858-442-3750- for any questions, any time


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