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 We've reached 97% of our goal! Only 2 spots remain

Last Rosh Hashanah, just 10 months ago, we started the OUR FOUNDATION campaign. Our goal was to raise $90,000 to pay off a second trust deed on our building at Gresham and Reed, due in October 2018. We wanted 90 supporters of Chabad of Pacific Beach to each contribute $1,000. This would show broad community involvement in the project and be a great “FOUNDATION” for the only synagogue in the beach area. The money is not due until September 1, 2018. Each contribution will be memorialized on a “Donor Wall” seen as you enter the building, and can read “In memory of…”, “In honor of…”, or Family name.

 The response has been OVERWHELMING! We have had 88 people step forward so far, as you see below. We only have 2 spots remaining.

 So far, I have accepted only one donation per person, trying to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be a part of this, but we need to wrap this up. If you would like to contribute for a second dedication on the wall, please let us know. Again, the money is not due until September 1, 2018.

 In 10 years, when your family comes to the synagogue, and stops to look at the wall and finds your dedication, you will be filled with happiness. Help us finish OUR FOUNDATION!

 Please use this link to join us, or call Rabbi Yossi or me if you have any questions.

 Ray Poliakoff- campaign organizer- 858-442-3750


Our Founders


Shaul & Elissa Avichzer

Anonymous- x3

Scott Becker

Kevin & Bree Cohen

Ivan J. Cohen & Joy G. Heitzmann

Yaakov & Devorah Davis

Rabbi Yonah & Leah Fradkin

Didi Freiman

Chris & Melissa Giarratano

Valerie Grillo

Ilana Herring

Larry & Elissa Herring

Michael Hyman

Yakov Jacobson

Les & Glenda Kacev

Ariel Druck & Rayna Karoll

Lou & Rita Katz

Yoni Levinger

Simon & Nina Semushina Leyn

John & Joyce Lilya

Seth &Vardina Lutske

Danielle Marcus

Yehiel & Bracha Navon

Mearon & Sophia Okonsky

Daniel & Doris Okonsky

Malka Ben-Oni

Zev & Mira Ben-Oni

Eran Ozeri

Renee Maya Ozeri

Surfer Beach Hotel

Brian Sorokin

Elliot & Ellen Adler 

Bella Ben-Oni

Nathaniel & Andrea Singer

Adam & Marina Sragovicz

David & Jamie Shafer 

Sruli & Elana Litkowski 

Ben & Shlamit Barth 

Chris Giarratano

Dr David Knapp  

Michael & Julie Smith 

Pesach & Chana Woonteiler  

Howard & Debby Jacoby Ruben 

Danny & Doris Okonsky  

Jake Poliakoff & Maddy Sirin

Matthew & Jenna Poliakoff 

Nathan Poliakoff

Ray & Kim Poliakoff 

Adam & Debi Rahmanan

Rosalyn Rahmanan

Gabbai Steven Rahmanan

Nachum & Sara Raymond

Tamir Raz

Gabe & Lizzie Rubin

Alan & Rochelle Saloner

Clifford & Gail Schechter

Shmuli Shapiro

Avi & Debbie Shaprut

Eli &Varda Shaprut

Lee Shaprut

Michelle Shaprut

Daniel & Gina Stein

Mitch Stern

Ruth Swedarsky

Rabbi Yossi & RochieTiefenbrun

Mendel & Mushky Tiefenbrun

Barton & Barbara Udell

Tzadik Vanderhoof

Aleksey & Vanessa Vishnevskiy

Harold & Leora Wasserman

Brian Weiner

Menachem & Rachel Woonteiler

Shmuel Yudin

Douglas & Dawne Ellison     


Dovid Woonteiler

Dianne L. Bodzin

 Avi Raz

 Rami & Talli Ben-Joseph   

 Alexander & Danielle Dychter

Avishag Ravid & Ronen Benshoshan

Leah & Michael Golembesky 

Harvey & Sharon Lutske 

Rayn Glovinsky & Mollie Raymond 

Mark Livingstone 

Rabbi Benyamin & Ronnie Fajnland

Mitchell & Tina Shack