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A note from Ray Poliakoff-

During High Holiday services, I spoke about a new project. A brief summary-As part of our purchase agreement, the seller carried back a $90,000 second trust deed, due Oct. 2018, essentially one year from now. I am spearheading the project to raise this money. I want first to acknowledge that I am preaching to the choir and that I know most of us have given money to secure this building, and are giving money to support the Rabbi and Rebbitzen in their work. Thank you to everyone. We still have to raise the $90,000.

The project is called "Our Foundation." I am looking for ninety people to each give $1,000. There will be a donor wall, pictured above. There will be a plexiglass panel titled "Our Foundation," with 90 large entries etched into the plexiglass. It can say in memory of, in honor of, or a family name. It is at the focal point of the entry into the new synagogue. I want as many individuals as possible to participate. You don't have to give the money for 1 year. That's only $3 a day- a cup of coffee. If you want to give $3 a day, 20 a week, or a thousand up front- anything works- I will do all the accounting. The money will go into a separate bank account, already opened, and used only to pay off the second trust deed.

Why this way? Why not go for 1 huge donor, or 5 large donors? The larger and broader a foundation, the stronger the foundation is. The more roots, the deeper the roots, the stronger the tree. When you walk into this shul with your family in ten years, I want your kids and family to look with pride at the wall and what we all accomplished here. Each of us is an important piece of the foundation of this community, having nothing to do with money. I know that and I believe that- but we still need the $90,000.

I would like to get commitments as soon as possible. I don't want to be worrying about this 10 months from now, stressing about not having the funds to pay off our 2nd trust deed. Since first speaking about this on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the response has been great, with 45 commitments so far. The idea is to have the etched dedications completed all at once, and then be placed on the wall by next Rosh Hashanah- so don’t feel pressured for the money, just the commitment. Use the following link to secure your spot.  Click Here  It will be also be on our website, chabadpb.org, or, of course, you can just tell Rabbi Yossi or me that you would like to participate. If you have questions, or want to speak with me about any aspect of the project, please feel free to call me anytime at 858-442- 3750. Remember- $3 a day. Let’s secure "Our Foundation" together. This is a mitzvah, a good deed for our community, and you get to think about fulfilling it for a whole year.